Kikky Badass Opens Up About Her Divorce

Queen of rap Kikky Badass has finally decided to speak candidly on her divorce.

Speaking during an interview on StarFm with Dj Ollah 7, Kikky revealed that she was once customarily married to Bernias Mpasaire before they divorced.


Kikky said they called it quits at a time when they were planning their white wedding.

“I was married customarily, but we were actually planning our wedding,” she said.

Kikky says she divorced her husband because she felt like the relationship wasn’t serving her.

“I feel like the marriage was not serving me. I said I appreciate growth, so you know it was not growing into what I expected.”

The rapper also spoke about how she successfully managed to keep her relationship and divorce under wraps. She revealed she never flaunted her relationship on social media as such people had no idea when they separated.

I have never actually put my relationship on social media, coz if I did, I am sure people would have known when things started to go wrong….People wouldn’t know that if I wouldn’t have put it out there because they never knew kuti are we still together anyways because I never used to post. So there will never be that type, kuti oh they have unfollowed or vadeletana because I never put it on social media, so people never knew. Now they have assumptions that they have based of what I am showing them.

Kikky revealed that she is in a relationship but refused to reveal the name of the man who has stolen her heart. She however went on to share the kind qualities she wants from a man.

I like someone who is strong minded because I am a strong minded individual. I want a person who shares my vision, a person who wants to grow, a person who wants to get the money.

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