Cleaners and Security Wanted

  • Job Number: 65884
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Job Title: Cleaners and Security
  • Computer Skills: MS Office
  • Industry: Service

Job Description

  • Manage all cleaning/security staff members on allocated site to ensure an optimum level of work performance.
  • Do site inspections, at any given time. Keep record of inspections.
  • Be present and/or represent the company at the CCMA when required.
  • Prepare monthly reports for the client, management and payroll staff, such as weekly leave and replacement report, customer satisfaction report, weekly plan and logbook, SHEQ reports, site equipment report, etc.
  • Ensure that all staff members as well as themselves are updated with the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and the terms & conditions of their employment contracts.
  • Any other reasonable duty or instruction (that may not be mentioned in the job description) that may be requested, in writing or verbally, by management from time to time.
  • Inspection of equipment of as well all add-on services equipment.
  • Ensuring cleanliness & safety.
  • Building and maintaining good relationships with clients.
  • Arranging relief staff.
  • Training of staff.
  • Weekly administrative and reporting duties.

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Inherent Requirements

  • Excellent management & communication skills
  • Valid driver’s license with no restrictions
  • Registered with PSIRA & valid certificate
  • At least two years’ operational experience
  • Fluent in at least two South African languages, of which one must be English
  • Good communication skills: written and spoken
  • Good planning and organisation skills
  • Self discipline

What Qualification

Minimum Qualification