Training portal(Skills Development Specialists)

We are a specialist skills development consulting and multi-accredited training academy. We solve our clients’ skills development challenges by providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver efficiently on BEE outcomes using leading technology platforms and unmatched expertise in our fields.


We consult and advise clients in all industries on skills development and training aspects and develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our clients and allow for maximum BEE recognition and cost efficiencies. We are a one-stop shop for everything related to skills and BEE advisory.




What you need in order to qualify for the learnership.

Grade 10

Computer literate

Basic typing skills

Able to see, hear and speak

May not be enrolled for, or have completed the above mentioned qualifications

Able to read, write and speak English

How We Train.

State-of-the-art technology platforms and production processes.

Rich and interactive training courses that help boost interest, engagement and motivation levels.

Learners become part of the training process and this, in turn, yields better training results.

Our technology allows learners to learn on-site and off-site, enabling learning anytime and anywhere.

Full accredited learnership and learning programmes as well as rapid learning courses.

Delivered to learners at our training facilities using an encompassing training methodology. Includes employed and unemployed learnerships, learner sourcing, leveraging tax incentives, and facilitation, skills and BEE reporting, assessment and moderation of learners.

Apply For A Funded Learnership

Training Portal is offering funded learnerships incorporating stipends in Business Practice NQF Level 01 and End User Computing NQF Level 3. If you adhere to the minimum requirements listed below, send us your CV and all relevant documents to submit your application.